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Київ, Львів, Братислава (Словаччина), Копенгаген (Данія), Краків (Польща), Осло (Норвегія), Стокгольм (Швеція), Жиліна (Словаччина), Рейкьявік (Ісландія), Фредрікстад (Норвегія), Берген (Норвегія), Брно (Чехія)

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Itera is an international company specializing in communication and technology. We combine our multidisciplinary strengths to gain deeper insight, explore new possibilities and bring better solutions to life. We work in multidisciplinary teams to deliver projects and services to Nordic businesses who achieve their goals through smart use of technology.
Itera it’s 800 innovative and passionate people in seven countries — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. Our customers, though, are fantastic. They trust us to be a part of their development. When you become part of the Itera team, you will be trusted with large tasks and responsibilities. You will grow together with others. This is what we have in mind when we promise: people to grow with.

Joining Itera you become a part of an Unique Nordic culture, characterized by the freedom of openness, transparency, inclusion, and equality. As in integrated part of Itera business approach you will enjoy flexibility, autonomy in work and healthy work and life balance.
Itera offers a long-term cooperation, stability and reliability.

In Itera we make a difference.
Working in Itera means that you get the opportunity to make a difference to both customers and colleagues — as well as to yourself. Our employees have knowledge both in width and in depth. What they have in common is a strong professional passion. That is why we expect high quality in our employees’ work. We believe this expectation inspires you. In return, you will develop, both professionally and personally.

What we offer
1. Career and Development. We encourage employees’ personal and professional growth providing trainings and development programs. We attend professional conferences, trainings and workshops as well as organize our own SmartTalks© (Professional meetups where you can enlarge your skills and knowledge). You can attend English and Norwegian classes with professional teachers and native speakers.

2. Work Environment. All our offices keep up with a Nordic “hygge” concept, bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort into the office life. The space is a reflection of Scandinavian nature in doing business, flavored with cozy atmosphere and excellent working conditions.

3. Compensation & Benefits. Receive comprehensive compensation package. We pay great attention to compensation aspect of the work. We constantly monitor the local market to ensure that our employees receive fair compensation package as well as good benefits.

4. Entertainment. Work hard play hard. Parties, teambuildings and social networking is an integral part of our life. You will feel this special atmosphere from the very first day in Itera.

We are continuously growing and welcoming new professionals to our team!