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ℹ️ Information about the company ITCAPITAL!
🕊 ITCAPITAL today is a group of companies with a technological IT-direction of activity, which includes the following projects of companies:
1) “ITCAPITAL IT-DEVELOPMENT” is an IT company for the development of non-standard software in the following areas: (development of mobile applications for ios / android, web development of sites of any complexity, development of solutions using AI and VR. / AR technology. And Internet marketing — smm, seo, context)
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2) “ITCAPITAL SCHOOL” is a company specializing in online training in the field of IT, in this area they teach IT sales in the international market, trainings for developers, management and how to open an IT company.
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3) ITCAPITAL CHARITY is our non-profit project, a charitable foundation to help children.
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4) ITCAPITAL INVEST is our investment fund for investing in IT business and developing IT startups.
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✍️ Our mission of the ITCAPITAL company:
"We strive to create an ecosystem with a technological bias, we want to develop and influence the IT industry to improve and simplify the life of the modern person, so that everyone becomes more technologically advanced, financially and socially secure with the help of technology.
🗽Our ITCAPITAL principle:
— To be open!
— Be effective!
— To be honest!
— Be creative, but rely on facts!
— Don’t play double games!
— Chat with people!
🦾 Our ITCAPITAL philosophy:
— Today I became the best version of myself — yesterday!
— I am an open, team, honest person!
— We are creators of what others have not yet created — we are leaders!
— We bring benefits to the world!
— We are a big family — ready to support each other!
— Surrounding ourselves with the best — we ourselves become better — but we always start with ourselves first.
🤝 By joining the ITCAPITAL company, you become a part of a progressive it-culture and a person who successfully develops in the modern world, where technologies help people become better and more efficient — with us you will feel like a modern innovator and a successful person!
©️From the CEO “ITCAPITAL”
👋 Welcome to ITCAPITAL!