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21...80 специалистов
Одесса are looking for specialist who can help a business to evolve using P2P and blockchain technologies. — company, inspired by the P2P ideology that delivers research and development services to empower global evolution via distributed technologies.
We believe in the leverage effect based on the synergy of scientists and engineers to create intelligent products. We are creating technology solutions that let business and society evolve, exerting global influence.

Our R&D team is based in Odessa.

Our partners and customers are enterprises and fast-growing startups. e cooperate with technology companies as well as with representatives of innovation business and government.

We have strong expertise in the development of P2P and DLT (distributed ledger technologies) solutions based on such technologies as Ethereum Ecosystem, Hyperledger Frameworks, NEM ecosystem, IPFS, Qtum, Stellar, EOS, Exonum, IOTA, etc.

Our main specializations are P2P and blockchain-based infrastructure, decentralized applications (DApps), smart-contracts, R&D in crypto-economy models,, IoT, M2M solutions.

We also have internal projects in Game development, Robotiсs, IoT-technologies.