IT Svit delivers robust cutting-edge DevOps, Cloud and BigData solutions both for VC-backed start-ups and established companies with high-load systems from Europe and North America.

No matter the scale and technical complexity of the project our main driving force is always the people. We refine the processes using the human approach to every problem and focus on delivering value to our clients.
We have absorbed and perfected this knowledge over 16 years of the company’s existence.

To facilitate that, we constantly expand our homegrown and well-established AI-based HRM system HURMA that is used widely by IT companies and delivers value and insights through digitalization to other industries.

For us DevOps goes way beyond just technology, it is our way of thinking and how we approach every project.

Our values can seem a bit different from the usual, but hey! So are we.

Partnership is:

  • assisting each other to achieve common goals;
  • sharing the experience and listening to others;
  • being open to dialogue;

Client-facing is:

  • understanding the needs and meeting the expectations of both the clients and our employees;
  • best conditions for the employees;
  • being proud of your work results;

Humor is:

  • being able to laugh at yourself and silly situations;
  • understanding and respecting the boundaries, being open to feedback;
  • being open-minded person — without prejudice receptive, open-minded, without conservative views, willing to change one’s point of view, not taking everything personally

Creating is:

  • applying best practices and exceeding yourself and client’s expectations;
  • showing initiative and interest;
  • mastering and using new technologies/methods and methodologies, looking for simpler and clearer solutions, following the best practices;

If you are looking for a team with a real ground-up understanding of every single part of the process and want to work with the best tools available on real tech-oriented Cloud projects (we avoid most legacy projects) — we welcome you!

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