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IT SmartFlex is a company that is part of Vodafone Ukraine Group. The main business activities are focused on researches and development of software products and solutions in the field of telecommunications for daily usage by millions of users.
6 сентября 2019

Java developer (Senior)


Необходимые навыки

* Have a great understanding of Dependency Injection and experience working with Spring frameworks
* Good knowledge of service based architecture and web services such as REST
* High level knowledge of Oracle or other databases (SQL or NoSQL) is essential.
* High level knowledge of Kafka or other message brokers is essential.
* Have worked in Test-Driven Development environment
* Familiar with continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins)
* Familiarity with Git and Docker
* Basic knowledge of Linux
* 3+ years of work experience in Java programming with high load production solutions


All IT benefits


* Business logic implementation
* Microservices design and development
* REST API design and development
* Integration, unit and performance tests implementation
* A lot of integration tasks with external systems over a various number of protocols

О проекте

Omni-channel Bulk Management (OBM) — a value-added platform that provides a bulk capability to create and send communications, notifications, and instructions to customers over different channels. At the same time platform should be ready for the high load with up to 6000 transactions per seconds, provides real-time analytics and excellent end user experience.


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