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IT SmartFlex is a company that is part of Vodafone Ukraine Group. The main business activities are focused on researches and development of software products and solutions in the field of telecommunications for daily usage by millions of users.
9 сентября 2019

Software Architect (java)


Необходимые навыки

* Proven experience with performing code reviews and/or mentoring sessions
* Have a great understanding of Dependency Injection and experience working with Spring frameworks
* Have a great knowledge of service based architecture and web services such as REST
* High level knowledge of Oracle or other databases (SQL or NoSQL) is essential.
* An excellent understanding of design patterns and SOA, EDA patterns
* Knowledge of client-side technology like JavaScript, CSS, HTML
* 8+ years of experience as a software engineer in Java or front-end technologies such as Angular
* 1+ years of experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used
* 2+ years experience in writing unit tests

Будет плюсом

Experience in CRM projects will be an advantage


All IT benefits


* Achieving an expert level understanding environments and their use of our products
* Architecting and leading technical delivery of one or more products and match the needs of the target customer base
* Creating solutions architecture, algorithms, and designs for solutions that scale to the enterprise/global requirements
* Mentor developers and engineers to deliver high quality of code
* Deliver a consistently high-quality product which has a high “First Time Acceptance Rate” from the engineering leadership
* Develope and comply with Architecture process playbooks
* Keep up to date with the latest software engineering trends

О проекте

Business-to-Business Customer Relationship Management Middleware (B2B CRM MW) — a platform based on the Microservices Architecture (MSA) that provides logic implementation for Product Catalog, Product Inventory, Individual, Organization, Customer, Order, Document and Agreement Management. At the same time platform should integrate external systems for the logic implementation over different protocols.