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Cloud Development Solutions

Our Cloud Computing Solution comprises of three key steps Cloud Consulting:

We perform an in depth analysis of your existing business, future plans, business requirements and goals to drive ROI. We also do an assessment of which processes and technology are required for using cloud. We determine enterprises readiness for the cloud by aligning the cloud technology with the business requirements.

Cloud Strategy: After performing the analysis the next step is to develop the perfect strategy for optimization and cost saving. We determine what the enterprises are trying to achieve from the Cloud, and other considerations such as performance, timelines, budget etc. After this step we match the business requirements with the right type of cloud platform. We offer many cloud deployment options such as Public, Private and Hybrid.

Cloud Integration: In this service we configure multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. We have multiple options from which the enterprises can benefit.
a) Traditional enterprise integration tools deployed on premise
b) Traditional enterprise integration tools hosted in the cloud
c) On Demand Integration offerings. These are SaaS applications designed to deliver integration securely over the internet.