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ISsoft is an international IT company founded in 2004 as a Coherent Solutions Inc. subsidiary and fueled by 1800+ professionals from Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and the USA.

ISsoft development center in Lviv was opened in 2020 and welcomed IT professionals from Ukraine. ISsoft is a place where, apart from work tasks, you can successfully engage in R&D. Parties and sports, hiking and rafting — we are united not by work only. It is common in the company to share knowledge; therefore, ISsoft holds meet-ups and conferences for employees regularly. We are pleased with the comfortable atmosphere in our offices and are glad to share it with you. We call ISsoft a “small big company.”

We strive to create a work environment that is both productive and comfortable. What brought us to the top are ISsoft’s people. We value every aspect of their contributions and strive to make ISsoft a place for career growth and opportunities.

ISsoft focuses on top-notch IT-solutions for North American and European markets. Hundreds of clients trust us to work on product software development, IT-consulting, data and analytics, machine learning, mobile app development, DevOps and cloud, Salesforce development and more.

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