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11 апреля 2021

Lead React Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Львов $6000–8000

Необходимые навыки

● At least 5+ years of experience working in frontend and client-side web app development as part of a team (preferably in a startup environment).
● Out of these, at least 1 year of experience working with React (using hooks / custom hooks). 2+ years, as well as experience with Redux — much preferred.
● Out of these, at least 1 year of experience working with backend APIs. Preferred — experience working with GraphQL. Good understanding of modern Node.js runtime features and JavaScript (ECMAScript 2020), especially async/promises based code. Knowledge of JS internals — preferred.
● High spoken and written English level — at least Upper-Intermediate.


● A developer that joins us should have an independent, almost entrepreneurial attitude, and should know how to push forward and be assertive in getting his tasks done. A sort of “Yes First”, growth mindset.
● Teamwork is very important for us, specifically communications — our team syncs with each other constantly, all members of the team find themselves leading various efforts that are a good match for their interests and skills. We share the responsibility of following through with our planning, and we all know to raise “red flags” on time when we need to — and to come together for help if possible, or update our plans if required.
● In addition, we all truly love code here in Mayple, and we love what we do. We care about our mission, and we always remain connected to the customers of our product and to their needs, and keep them in mind while we strive to make pragmatic choices. I can honestly say it’s great fun working with the team we have, both from a technological and from a “mission” standpoint.
● The lead should, in addition to all above, be extremely passionate about technology and have formidable proven technical skill and decision making capabilities.
● The lead should have impressive leadership skills to motivate and guide the team members on-site, and to offer support and guidance locally and remotely.
● Superb written and verbal communications in English are critical, to be able to sync with the rest of the global team efficiently, and to work closely with the CTO and other technical leaders.
● Finally, the lead should be pro-active and assertive, pushing ahead and “getting stuff done”, not accepting “getting stuck” as an option — as the lead will be the basis upon which the success of this new team will be built.
● Any developer that joins us should see himself thriving in this sort of dynamic, communicative environment. Because of this, English at an advanced level for both speech and writing is very important.
● Finally, the day to day job will be taking part and eventually leading both design and development of new and existing systems and products, while being highly communicative with the rest of our team.

О проекте

Our Client has succeeded to gather A+ players, that have worked with top brands and agencies around the world
They offer their services to SMBs, for affordable prices, thanks to the technology and exclusive community our Client provides them
Client’s values are the same across the board, both with our customers and inside the company. We believe in openness, transparency, honest and clear communications.
They have no taboos in our Client’s company and no process or system is sacred or “off the table” — we’re always open to new ways to improve and love constructive criticism, company-wide.
Currently, our team is small but very talented. We have two backend developers: one senior and one mid-level, two senior frontend developers, one QA engineer and the CTO which takes part in backend development, DevOps and architecture. We work on a remote-first basis, and Slack is our main communications tool.