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Львов, Тель-Авив (Израиль)

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Israel IT Hub in Ukraine is the place where innovations, technologies, IT talents, and leading world companies meet to transform cool ideas into successful businesses.

Our mission is to provide the most innovative and collaborative environment for development, engagement, and extended professional growth. Getting excited about the projects, our people enjoy the process and make the most of what they do. It allows us to provide complex A-Z premium offshore services based on strong professional ethics.

Our main vision and goal are to create a new standard of premium offshore IT services in Ukraine.

Some of Our Expertise:
Enterprise Software Development | Saas | Quality Assurance | Business Analytics
Data Science | Big Data | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0
Business Intelligence | DevOps | Blockchain | Cyber Security
Web Design | Web Development | Marketing | Apps Search Optimization

Providing premium IT services, we stick to the main professional ethics principles: a deep understanding of business goals, transparency, and an agile approach.