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ISITLab — lab of digital change.

About us:
ISITLab is a Ukrainian software development partner. We build dedicated teams for international clients, which help them fill technological and expertise gaps. Middle+ level experts make up 70% of our staff, which enables us to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients and guarantee the quality of the work produced.

So far, ISITLab has helped 20+ companies to set up, manage and retain their business. Our clients come from a wide range of industries including (but not limited to) fintech, education, healthcare, logistics, travel, and e-commerce.

Our Expertise:
— We work with small and medium-sized clients;
— We work in a variety of areas, from e-commerce to complex financial systems;
— It is important for us to build partnership relations with our clients and to create a comfortable communication atmosphere.

What do we offer?
Dedicated teams
Improve your software solutions or strengthen your team by working with ISITLAB professionals.We are skilled at fast integrating and growing into reliable partners for each of our clients.
Custom software development
Digitalization is not the future, it is reality, and we know how to ensure your gain from it. You may be confident that ISITLab will take good care of the technical side of your business.
Digital advisory services
Our team of experts in every area of the digital world is ready to share their knowledge and help your business reach new heights.


Why us?
Office in Ternopil with a comfortable environment;
Competitive salary;
Flexible work hours: you can start your day from 9 to 12 and schedule your shifts anyway you choose;
Ability to combine offline and remote work;
No time trackers;
Paid leave for vacation and illness;
Open, collaborative environment using the Agile/Scrum methodology;
Open opportunities for career growth.

To begin your wonderful career, just join us!