21...80 спеціалістів

Our company started when two developers thought they were fed up with organizational bureaucracy which you often see in big companies and thought “why not run our own cool outsourcing company?” A company that would be better in terms of flexibility, fairness and would be filled with actually smart people. So the idea behind the company was... well, jump higher and get more :-)

But after achieving notable results and having grown a team of technical specialists, we saw that what we also were doing was giving people a few important things, which were personal development, common sense, confidence and pleasure to both our developers and clients. At the very least, we try to make this happen in every project. Just because we think it is important.

We also can’t stand marketing bullshit that’s why we will not be selling fancy adjectives here. But, we will tell you what we do! Our specialization is a development of complex Web applications on Microsoft.NET platform.
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