IQ Friends

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We are a group of engineers and researchers working out of Kiev, Ukraine and Sunnyvale, California.
Our goal is to help people improve their cognitive performance!

We believe that:
• Brain training should be fun!
• Gaming should not be a waste of time!
• For that reason, we try to combine the latest science on how to increase your brain performance with the latest art of increasing the fun of gaming. In other words our brain games are both developed with the insights of brain scientistist and game developers.

Our history

The brain games have been developed since 2012 but the history of IQ friends goes back to 2007
when we worked with researchers at the SRH University Heidelberg to develop an online IQ test, that is both reliable and valid. The aim was to create a test that was scientific, fun and free! Till today almost 8 million test takers from all over the world have taken the test!

Shortly after we started developing a variety of other tests that all were designed to be scientific, fun and free. In 2008 we started to develop an Emotional IQ test based on the EQ framework advanced by Daniel Goleman. In 2009 we developed our 26 personality factors test with the help of Swiss researches, called the Swiss 16 PF Personality Test. In 2010 we developed a test of love style based on the classification of love style proposed by Susan and Clyde Hendricks. Finally in 2012 we developed a career feedback survey, that measure what your professional contacts think about you, called the 360° feedback assessment.

So that our users could not only discover the brain but improve the cognitive performance of their brains, we started to develop brain training. Our brain trainings, are based on the latest research into neuroplasticity and brain performance enhancement. Just like our brain assessments, they are not only scientific but also fun and free!