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IO Technologies is a product analytical IT company. Just 3 years ago we came up with an idea and developed a platform for collecting and processing data which nowadays processes more than 6 billion events per day working on more than 300 physical and virtual servers.

We are developing a product that collects statistics, analyzes data and distributes them to reports in such a way that makes complex analytics clear to a usual author, editor, marketer, manager. With the help of our data, companies and teams can take business decisions to improve the efficiency of their operations.

IO is not just a company, it’s a living organism where every department and employee has an impact on a successful decision made by our clients on the basis of the data provided. Located in Kyiv.

Our figures:
— 1b+ requests daily
— 300+ servers
— 400+ customers (total 50m users daily)
— huge clients (5m+ unique users per day)

Our technologies:
— Vertica & MySQL for data processing
— Mongo for meta data
— Nginx for collecting and transferring data
— Javascript for data extraction
— PHP for apps and scripts
— tons of utilities like Memcache, Nodejs, Redis, etc.
— microservices architecture
— cloud-based development platform
— Amazon & DigitalOcean services

our website:
оur blog:

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Оценка компании: 89/100

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