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inVerita is a business-oriented software development company which provides offshore, full-cycle and custom software development services.

We work with startups, middle size and enterprise companies, helping them with the strategy, design, build, launch, and evolution of their technology products.

Our main areas of expertise are Education, Retail, Logistics, Media, Management, Telecommunication, Tourism, Wearable.

Key technologies: .Net, Java, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, iOS, Android, React native

...inVeritaSoft is a community of people with a shared commitment to quality work for our clients and an approach that is most beneficial for them. This commitment comes from a desire to help our clients grow and be successful in their business.

We build our company with the belief that people change the world with their Dreams and Vision. Therefore, the key to success for our company is the success of our clients. In other words, their success is our success.
Our company’s main concern is people. That’s why we always say:
“... it’s all about People”

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