Intsurfing, LLC

до 20 спеціалістів
Krasnopillya, Sumy Region

Intsurfing is a company founded in the Ukraine in 2014.
We have an enthusiastic and motivated destributed team that offers data acquisition and processing (ETL), backend/API development, development process automation (CI/CD), and legacy code refactoring.
For data extraction, the data is extracted from web sources or documents using our proprietary AWS cloud-based engine, transform it to the desired schema, and load it into various storage options such as SQL databases, NoSQL databases, Elastic Search or S3 based solutions. We can also create an automatic pipeline to process all ETL steps.
For backend/API development, we can design and implement an API using tools of the client’s choice and a backend using languages such as C#, Python, Java, or Scala and container management systems such as Docker and Kubernetes.
For development process automation, we offer a fully automated development and QA process and can use a wide range of CI/CD tools depending on the infrastructure already in use.
Finally, for code refactoring, we can analyze legacy systems, produce an documented architecture design for a new system, acoording to business rules and convert data and code from the old system to the new one step by step without breaking production lifecycle.

Data tech stack:
Storage (S3, FTP, SFTP, etc.)
SQL database (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.)
NoSQL database (Athena, Redshift, DynamoDB, MongoDB, etc.)
Search Layer: (OpenSearch, SOLR, etc.)

Application tech stack:
Automatic Pipeline to process all ETL steps (i.e. Apache Airflow, Prefect)
Backend\API development
Cloud based (AWS API Gateway, Google Cloud Endpoints, Azure API Management)
On-premises (Kong, Apigee)
Languages: C#, Python, Java, Scala
Container management systems: Docker, Kubernetes
Automatically testable, scalable microservices
Serverless architecture, if desired
Development Process Automation with wide range of CI/CD tools depending on infrastructure already in use.