Intress Media

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Intress Media is a digital affiliate marketing company focused on creating and promoting projects in the iGaming industry in regulated markets. We aim at developing and offering better products and services that add value to customers and make a difference in the iGaming industry.

As a B2B business, we provide our partners with high-quality leads and conversions. As the B2C business, we’re taking care of our customers by providing them with in-depth information, guidance, and support to improve their experience with both our and our partners’ products.

Though we primarily invest our time and effort into SEO as the channel for getting organic traffic and lead generation, we clearly understand the necessity and benefits of exploring other marketing channels and ways of reaching our target audience (email marketing, PPC marketing, media buying, developing mobile apps etc.). Meaning we will announce new job openings for experts involved in working with other sources of traffic generation.

Don’t miss a chance to join our small and mighty team that challenges itself and each other to deliver the best product service and experience to our users.