8 вересня 2021 1:02

Michael Shandra, Software Engineer в Intobi

Hello there!) I am a software developer at Intoby.
I have been working here for more than 6 months and I can say with confidence that this is a company of professionals who have excellent knowledge in their field.
I’m happy to see Intobi grow in front of my eyes, and have the opportunity to grow with it. Working with truly experienced people, a great team you don’t get bored with, SEO and HR, who solve problems quickly.
I hope for many years of continued cooperation and growth.


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Hey Mike) I believe You wanted to mention CEO but that is totally fine. I also call it wrong sometimes) I must say You are growing very fast. Within the last 6 months, You have improved both — tech and communication skills. So thanks for your great work and looking forward to celebrating Your 10 Years anniversary here at Intobi. Wish a good day))

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