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Intertech — The technical partner of your businesss. Web. Software. Mobile.
At INTERTECH we know perfectly well how to create hi-tech solutions for business 👨‍🔧🧑‍🔧👨‍💻!

Our expertise ⚙️
E-commerce, Online Services, Business Solutions, MVP for a Startup.

Our business models ⚙️
Time & Materials, Dedicated Team, Project Maintenance, Project Based.

Intertech team 🐝
We always tell the truth, no matter a friend, a teammate or a client. Being straightforward may not be pleasant for a relationship, but it sure is beneficial for projects. We are confident that the timely detection of problems with the following discussion and making necessary decisions and moves could save even a "Titanic"🚢.

Intertech life 💻🎮🎳️
Recreation makes us more productive and creative, that means that life outside work must be filled with different activities! Football, yachting, grill parties or just a dinner — we life to the fullest to get the necessary energy 🔋 for going on and up!

We are hiring 👀✨
We are always on the lookout for developers 💡 and enthusiasts 👘 who love what they do and see beyond the line of code, they see a personality in a business or a project. We are happy to meet likeminded people, for whom their job is a part of a lifestyle and not a boring routine.

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