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  • 31 декабря 2021
    OVERVIEW: Do you like to work with data? What about big data or machine learning algorithms that bring real value for end users? If you are also passion about data driven solutions and see your further career in Data engineering and Data science world — contact us.
  • 30 декабря 2021
    OVERVIEW Would you like to apply development best practices for the real product together with a strong and professional team? Are you passionate about working with Cloud technologies and would like to learn more about MS Azure?
  • 30 декабря 2021
    OVERVIEW: We are looking for technically strong engineer with interest in developing Product together with an experienced Team located in Lviv and Copenhagen.
  • 30 декабря 2021
    Full Stack .NET Engineer (id 285) Lviv, Ukraine, удаленно
    OVERVIEW: We are looking for open minded full stack developer who would like to join our team and work on interesting projects together with our client from Denmark.
  • 30 декабря 2021
    HR Manager Lviv, Ukraine
    Opportunities don`t happen. HR is the one who helps them become real ;) We are looking for a person who understands business needs, has a high level of empathy and knows how to combine it to make both company and employees happy.
  • 24 декабря 2021
    Middle/Senior Flutter Developer (id 308) Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine, удаленно
    OVERVIEW We are looking for an experienced flutter developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and will work with our team of talented engineers to build our next generation dating app from scratch.
  • 24 декабря 2021
    Harley Quinn, James Bond, John Wick, Natalia Romanova or 4 in one is a real Headhunter :) We have a lot of things to do and do need a person who loves opportunities and has passion for managing candidate’s experience during the recruitment process.
  • 23 декабря 2021
    OVERVIEW We are looking for a smart Junior Full Stack.NET developer to join our WHO team. Successful candidate should have strong problem solving skills, excellent knowledge of fundamental algorithms and data structures, databases and Web programming.

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