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200...800 специалистов
Львов, Хмельницкий

7 вакансий

  • Our client is Danish product company that develops modern CRM system. Currently over 2500+ companies in 20 countries use this CRM.
  • Junior QA engineer Львов
    We are looking for a Junior QA Engineer to join a team of professionals who are passionate about technology and innovations.
  • We are looking for a technically strong engineer with interest in developing Product(s) together with an experienced Team located in Lviv and Copenhagen.
  • We are looking for an enthusiastic, result-oriented middle PHP developer with excellent problem-solving skills to work on the ongoing development of a large Danish building and home supply e-commerce store.
  • We are looking for experienced DevOps engineer who is eager to learn new things in the tech world. Our client is a newly established global software company created by Coop Denmark to rethink and modernize what customer loyalty programs should offer and look like.
  • Our customer, SCADA International, enables the renewable energy sector to optimize production and reduce cost, through intelligent software and hardware that captures live production data from various sources and turn them into decision-supporting information.
  • Middle Recruiter Львов
    We are a Ukrainian-Danish IT company with 16 years of experience in software development. At present we are about 230 people, located in Lviv and Aarhus. We are a well established reputable company with a 30% growth rate during the last three years.

Оценка компании: 89/100

Проголосовало 58 сотрудников
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