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Львів, Ужгород, Хмельницький, Гданськ (Польща), Aarhus, Denmark

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  • 26 червня 2022
    Senior Full Stack Developer (Node.JS/React.JS) № 385 Львів, Гданськ (Польща)
    OVERVIEW Our client is a Denmark-based company that helps start-ups and scale-ups create scalable world-class tech solutions.
  • 26 червня 2022
    Magento Developer № 335 Львів, Хмельницький, Ужгород, Гданськ (Польща), віддалено
    OVERVIEW: Our client is a Danish agency that provides eCommerce solutions for multiple businesses in Denmark, they are certified Adobe partner.
  • 26 червня 2022
    Automation QA (C#) Engineer № 359 Львів, Гданськ (Польща), віддалено
    OVERVIEW: We are looking for an experienced Automation QA Engineer in Ukraine or Poland who is ready to join a team of professionals developing high tech products in sport area — software for tracking all kinds of characteristics during sport games.
  • 20 червня 2022
    OVERVIEW Our team works for a company called Kruso, a Nordic tech agency, that is mostly focused on solving the business challenges of their clients by introducing digital solutions.
  • 20 червня 2022
    Senior QA Engineer № 379 Львів, Хмельницький
    OVERVIEW: Our client is a Danish web design and development agency, Adobe partner, that provides eCommerce solutions for many businesses in Denmark and Scandinavia. Products they develop are based on Adobe Magento platform (Magento 2 Enterprise, Magento Cloud, PWA).
  • 20 червня 2022
    OVERVIEW: We are seeking a qualified full-stack engineer who has experience in .NET and is an inspiration to work with the front-end. You will work with health-related projects in direct and constant communication with WHO (World Health Organization) team.
  • 20 червня 2022
    DevOps Engineer № 350 Гданськ (Польща)
    OVERVIEW: We are looking for technically strong engineer with interest in developing Products together with an experienced Team located in Lviv, Gdansk, Copenhagen and Bucharest.
  • 17 червня 2022
    Harley Quinn, James Bond, John Wick, Natalia Romanova or 4 in one is a real Headhunter :) We have a lot of things to do and do need a person who loves opportunities and has passion for managing candidate’s experience during the recruitment process.
  • 17 червня 2022
    Senior .NET Developer № 377 Львів, Гданськ (Польща)
    OVERVIEW: Our client, an enterprise-level Danish company, is a cross-border payment solutions provider making the flow of global payments easier, more cost-effective, and faster. The company connects the physical and the digital world via modern services.
  • 8 червня 2022
    HR Manager Львів
    Opportunities don`t happen. HR is the one who helps them become real ;) We are looking for a person who understands business needs, has a high level of empathy and knows how to combine it to make both company and employees happy.
  • 3 червня 2022
    OVERVIEW Our client is a Danish product company that develops a modern CRM system. Currently, over 2500+ companies in 20 countries use this CRM.
  • 2 червня 2022
    Senior Back End Developer (Node.js) № 387 Львів, Гданськ (Польща)
    OVERVIEW Our client is a Denmark-based company that helps start-ups and scale-ups create scalable world-class tech solutions.

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