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InterLogic is a Danish owned IT-company in Ukraine, that provides outsourcing of programming and has already 17 years of experience.
25% of employees work for more than 5 years. While 30% have joined us previous year and they have everything ahead.

According to Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire (Janyary’21) our co-workers have made the top-5 list of what is valuable for them while working in InterLogic:

— Team/People and Friendly atmosphere are leading, and this point is stable from year to year. We treat everyone equally and encourage people to raise their opinion.

— Flexible schedule made the switch to WFH smooth last year. And yes, we never have late-night meetings as we care about work-life balance.

— Minimal bureaucracy is not just words for us. You do not need to collect tons of documents to get your sick leave. Btw, we have 90 days of paid sick leaves but better stay healthy ;)

— Up-to-date technologies on the projects and high professional level of our employees. 40% of our employees are senior specialists. Everyone have their individual development plans and sheduled performance reviews, along with different options for professional education.

— Office is located in the park zone, 10 min away from the city center. This is a nice combination of historical building but modern equipment with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism.

Come and check yourself :)

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