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Interface Masters Technologies based in Silicon Valley is a leading provider of high speed embedded products. We design, manufacture and provide support for our network embedded appliances, smart NICs, server adapter cards with high port density networking offload and bypass functionality for 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G markets.

For over 20 years, Interface Masters Technologies has been providing innovative networking solutions with customization services to OEMs, Fortune 100 and startup companies. Our headquarters are located in San Jose, California.

Interface Masters Technologies develops and manufactures highly innovative, low OPEX and power efficient products for SDN, IoT and embedded markets. Customer service and attention to detail is a hallmark of Interface Masters Technologies.

Interface Masters Technologies is composed of intelligent, highly-skilled, capable, and dedicated individuals who work together seamlessly. From our engineering team, to our operations, to our sales and marketing, we all share one goal — to make our customers happy. This mantra has been the core of our success for over twenty years.

Please send your CV to [email protected].