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At Interactivated we have a family atmosphere within a company. We are an international team with our HQ in Groningen (the Netherlands) and offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine. We are a team of around 70 professionals divided over those countries with flexible working conditions and a company culture where nobody is a number. We care for our people, their growth, and we offer all the tools and guidance to bring you to the next level. We believe in building smart solutions and helping our clients not waste their money and succeed with the right solutions. We don’t just take and do, we help them to make their vision a reality. Come and have a talk with us and find out for yourself why we are the nicest place to be for you as a young professional.

We offer:
— Opportunities to work on the coolest projects, we worked f.ex on the official COVID apps for the Dutch government and many multi-year Magento2 based marketplaces.
— For top performers we deliver top hardware
— Company sport activities such as volleybal and football
— Unlimited training courses
— Certifications paid by the company
— English lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
— Performance and salary reviews twice per year
— Bi-Yearly corporate events
— The best company culture, we are a family within a business :)


Magento professionals since the Beta release of the platform in 2007.
Nearly 25 years of E-Commerce experience.
Broad expertise in web & mobile development.

Video streaming solutions

Python, Django, GoLang, Scala, C++

AWS Cloud Architecture

2000+ projects delivered.

80+ specialists in 3 countries.

Broad expertise in platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Vuestorefront, ScandiPWA, and more.

Custom JS development with React and Vue-based technologies (Incl. Nuxt, Next, Quasar).

Custom PHP development on Laravel and Symfony framework.

Always analyzing with our customers what is the best matching solution for their vision, project, audience, products, and not to forget, budget.

React Native, Swift, and Kotlin + PWA technologies for mobile development

Mobile and web-app development with React Native, Progressive Web Apps, Laravel, and Javascript frameworks and languages such as Vue, Nuxt, React, Node, Typescript, and other related technologies. Always projects with an E-Commerce or SaaS nature.