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Киев, Винница, Лос-Анжелес (США)

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DOU_photo_3 IntelVerse is headlong into GrowApp product (growapp.me) — revolutionizing one-stop solution for self-development and happy balanced life that will help you become the best version of yourself.

IntelVerse are a bunch of people united by the common burning goal of self-actualization, personal and professional growth. Combining this desire with rich development and managerial experience we designed a vision of the world-changing app.

As a team of professional developers we are working for the sake of positive social return and business fluency. Using the latest technology (AI, Machine learning, IoT, Big Data) we have become a lifetime partner for many enterprises.

We are taking personal qualities very seriously and our core values are:

— Begin with gratitude

— Passion and dedication

— Positive team and family spirit

— Integrity and honesty

— Pursue growth and learning

Join IntelVerse and enjoy cooperation with us!