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5 вересня 2023 11:33

Karina Vrakina, Project manager в Intelliceed

For all the time I have been working with Intelliceed I had the opportunity to try different directions to develop myself in them and get some new useful skills.
Thank you Intelliceed for your trust and the opportunity to try a new role — QA engineer working on a super exciting project related to Healthcare. There was an incredible atmosphere in the team, I worked with professionals who are always ready to help with their invaluable advice.
Now this knowledge helps me a lot working as a PM on various interesting projects. For instance, one of them my team and I remembered a lot was a project for developing an Education system that runs entirely on GPT chat. It was pretty challenging and fun to be one of the first to create such a system, but we like challenges!
You will find interesting projects, a friendly atmosphere and career growth opportunities in this company. Management is actively working on the review system, making sure that employees try new technologies that they are interested in and, accordingly, become more experienced specialists.
Thank you Intelliceed!


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