IntelliCeed Inc.

21...80 спеціалістів
Харків, USA, Texas

26 липня 2023 11:32

Nikolay Prokopchuk, Software Engineer в IntelliCeed

I have been working in IntelliCeed for 3 months and I really liked it. The colleagues I work with are professional, friendly and always ready to help. The same can be said about management. The project is interesting, with a fresh stack of technologies, where I can prove myself as a backend developer. The company is interested in the development of employees, we can always ask colleagues to give honest feedback on our work, and there are regular retro meetings where everyone can share knowledge and ideas on how to improve the workflow. The company provides a good social package with holidays, days off, sick days and national holidays. So I recommend IntelliCeed and I’m happy to work here.


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