21 листопада 2023

Front desk specialist for Kyiv office (вакансія неактивна)


Let’s breathe life into great tech ideas! With more than 3 200 people globally, Intellias is a company where benchmark technological solutions are born. Join in and take your part in digitalizing the world.

What project we have for you:

Let’s breathe life into great tech ideas! With more than 3 200 people globally, Intellias is a company where benchmark technological solutions are born. Join in and take your part in digitalizing the world.

Front Desk Specialist will be the first point of contact for any visitors to the office and contractors. Responsible for answering incoming calls, directing calls to appropriate associates, mail distribution, flow of correspondence. Monitors access to the office to ensure compliance with office access procedures and physical security policy. Provides general office support with a variety of clerical activities and related tasks.

What you will do:

  • Covering the Reception desk. Providing presentable Front Desk area;

Communication with the business center:

  • Adding/deleting access cards to the system;
  • Access controlling to the Intellias space, making a monthly reconciliation with the business center manager;
  • Communication with the business center manager regarding events, updates, incidences or any other requests in the business center. Informing Intellias employees about themcontrolling and timely receipt of correspondence that will arrive at business center ’s physical address.

Maintains security by complying with office access procedures and physical security policy:

  • Purchase (if this provided by the system), issuance and inventory of personal, visitor and temporary access cards;
  • Recording the daily employees attendance of the office in the online journal;
  • Access Control System: inventory, deletion, addition of access cards, provision of reports if necessary;
  • Video surveillance (providing reports; checking serviceability; checking whether there is a recording for the last 60 days; constant monitoring).

  • Coordinating of incoming telephone calls: determine the purpose of the call, provide information to the callers, take and relay messages to the appropriate person or department;
  • General and local teams-channels of Kyiv: monitoring, answering to questions, timely announcements, etc;
  • Meeting of guests, employees, excursion. Directs/escorts visitors to the appropriate person or department. Recording attendance of the office by guests, clients and other visitors in the online journal;
  • Accessibility control of basic stationery in all meeting rooms and print-zones in the office. Submitting an application to the office manager for stock replenishment in advance;
  • Performs other clerical duties such as printing, copying, scanning, faxing;
  • Working with all folders on the OneDrive that relate to the AD, especially Online registers, NDA, Seatinp map, Contacts, etc;
  • Assistance to the office manager in preparing the office for audits;
  • Assistance to the office manager in preparing for events;
  • Working with the types of employee seats and desktops: INTEMS, OfficeSpace, Excel-SeatingMap. Issuance of a fixed workplace types and table preparation for new employees. Office attendance control of people with fixed workplace types;
  • Working with tasks in Jira;
  • Helping with preparing of meeting rooms for meetings with customers, guests, trainings, etc. If necessary, helping employees with meeting rooms reservation;
  • If necessary, arrange transport for guests/top managers of the company upon request;
  • Help ing the office manager in such matters as checking the availability of all the necessary products in the kitchen and the serviceability of kitchen appliances, communication with the cleaners, security and other contractors, etc;
  • Active participation in the searching for new contractors;
  • Reporting on cash expenses.

Working with logistics companies, departments and/or addressees:

  • Sending, receiving parcels;
  • Collection of information about the parcel (what it is, what it is for/which claw product it is part of and what material it is made of);
  • Resolving various conflict situations;
  • Interaction with the IT department, the finance department and the legal department.
  • Interaction with all team members, with the country head and other departments of the company.

The functional can be adjusted by the administrative manager according to the needs and policies of the company.

What you need for this:

  • English at Upper-Intermediate level (spoken and written);
  • 1+ years of experience in a similar position;
  • University diploma;
  • Positive person with can-do approach;
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to influence people;
  • Highly detail-oriented and able to work autonomously;
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and tight deadlines with confidence and ease;
  • Able to prioritize and organize workload across the team;
  • Flexible, fast in reaction and decisive;
  • Independent, self-organized, proactive and accountable.

Why you’ll love this opportunity:

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