Intelliarts Ltd. is a boutique software engineering company established in 1999, in Lviv, Ukraine. We launch and support dedicated development teams which help startups and technology companies worldwide to build awesome products.

We trust people working with us. Trust is vital for maintaining healthy agile environment. As a result we have flat company structure with almost no hierarchy and self-organized teams. Teams have a lot of autonomy and power to make decisions, encouraged by minimum bureaucracy and maximum support from the company.

With flat structure we don’t offer traditional vertical career growth. Instead we created a working environment encouraging professional and personal growth: challenging projects, tight integration with teams abroad, learning from experienced colleagues.

We get out of comfort zone, but we love comfort. We settled in the quiet and green city district, at the office space with a stunning panoramic view of the old Lviv city centre. We equipped it with nice relax/sports areas, spacious bar/kitchen, shower, mini-laundry and, the most important, there are no open spaces here.

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