Intelli Consulting LLC

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As innovators in the industry, our team recognizes the importance of the right expertise, skills, and initiative to make a project successful. We manage all stages of the software lifecycle from concept to delivery and help your business be more dynamic so you can compete in today’s market. Our experienced developers work with you to create custom enterprise software based on your company’s goals. Your software is tailor-made to your specifications and scalable according to the changing needs of your company.

Intelli Consulting offers you dedicated offshore software developers that can align your onshore team. And if requirements change, resources can be easily switched on or off. Developers with specific skill sets can work on an as-needed basis or remain part of your regular in-house team. Our flexible engagement model allows you to retain full control over project management and scheduling according to your priorities. Either way, dedicated programmers are integrated into your corporate structure and work exclusively for you.

In the context of development projects, we offer support to our customers. In addition, we offer our consulting and training services also independent of product development.