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Киев, Нью-Йорк (США), Лиссабон (Португалия)

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What is IntellectEU?

IntellectEU is all about innovation in the entire financial field. Since 2003 we have broadened our expertise in SWIFT and Blockchain domains, have increased our marketplace by having offices in Belgium, Ukraine, USA and Portugal and have become trusted by hundreds of customers across the US, Europe and Africa.

Our projects are full of technical challenges, numerous business trips worldwide (including Madagascar, Peru, Austalia etc) and meetings with TOP100 corporates worldwide.

At IntellectEU, we do NOT have bosses and bureaucracy. We all work hard to make each project a success.

Our team is a bunch of friends that enjoy having time together: working on the same projects and helping each other to grow professionally, playing pin-pong/kicker and Alias, as well as sharing lunches and Friday evenings.

Better to see once, join us!