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From first day in company feel really comfortable. For me now it is greate place for implement my ideas and improve my knowledges. I can highlight the following pros:
— management involvement
— huge technology stack
— flexible schedule. Nobody interested when you do your job, main aim it is result
— company is focused on long-term cooperation
— great atmosphere in office
— snacks in office

Company has a line of products for law firms, accounting and finance and adapting its products to cloud, using AWS and Azure, converting architecture to service oriented one. Interesting environment for engineering as cutting edge technologies and approaches are tested and successful ones are adopted. The headwaters is based in Palo Alto CA, development offices around the globe including UK, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, that’s why there is a good silicon valley spirit combined with global thinking.
Passionate engineers are really appreciated and feel comfortable here.

.blameless atmosphere (of course not without argues)
.office in down town
.snacks and fruits
.wage in time
.huge technology stack (depends on project)

.as enterprise, time to time bureaucracy
.a lot of legacy (depends on product SLDC)

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