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Insoftex is young, family-style software development company.

Our open vacancies:

We are world-class professionals with a passion for applying groundbreaking software engineering and data science to meaningful projects and noticeable products.

We do full-cycle software product development (from ideation to production) and custom software engineering (migration, integration, design, coding, testing, optimization, etc.) of:

• Web applications (Angular, React, Django, .NET)
• Mobile apps (native, cross-platform, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Mobile)
• High-load backends (Node.js, Python, Django, C#, .NET)
• Desktop applications (C#, .NET, C++, Qt, QML)
• Embedded software (C++, C, Qt, QML, HMI)
• Clouds & Infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, DevOps, CI/CD)

in major dynamic industries:

• Healthcare. Telemedicine
• Fintech. Core banking
• Automotive. Transportation
• other domains

Insoftex’s headquarter is located in Lviv and we practice remote work with gifted engineering talents in all regions of Ukraine.