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3 июня 2019

С++ Video Streaming Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with a background in video/audio streaming/processing. You will be a part of a fully US based company and have an opportunity to communicate only with US team members. You will be participate in development of collaboration environment that is used for business, education and entertainment. Technical growth is guaranteed, use your chance!

Must have:
Programming Languages: C/C++/C# or Java,
Graphical Codecs: h.264, h.265
Intermediate+ English
Video Streaming projects in portfolio

OS: Linux Ubuntu, Android and Windows
Graphical Languages: OpenMax, GStreamer, OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX, Shaders
Database: MySQL, SQLite, Redis
Meta Data Languages: JSON, XML, SQL, INI
Network Media Protocols: SIP, h323, RTSP, RTCP, HLS, Fragmented-MP4
Network Data Protocols: HTTP(s), JSON-RPC, FTP, TCP, DNS, Multicast, UDP-Broadcast, NTP, IP
Masquerade, Firewall Hole-Punching, ICE
Media Tools: FFMpeg, X264, AVLib
Browser based Technology: HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, Vaadin, GWT, REST-API, NGinX, Tomcat, Apache, CSS, SASS, Responsive

Education: Master’s Degree in CS, Engineering, or equivalent

Будет плюсом

Programming Languages: Assembly
Graphical Codecs: VP8, VP9, MJPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG
Audio Capture / Rendering: JACK, Echo Cancelling, Noise Reduction, FFT / DFT, Real-Time DSP
System’s on a Chip (SoC): Raspberry PI, Odroid, SnapDragon, i.MX-Freescale


Participation at the high edge realtime audio video project.
Direct communications with a US based small team that will design, develop, and maintain the majority of the software across multiple product lines with emphasis on real-time multi-media, and integration of Hardware and Software solutions.
Long term project (at least one year).


Areas of technology that this position will be focusing on:
• System on a Chip / Module Development as Media Processors
• You will be working with Linux and Android systems
• 1080p & 4K HDMI ingestion
• Crop, Scale, Blend and Transpose Multiple Streams into a single stream.
• Encode and Decode H.264 and HEVC streams
• Archiving Streams
• API [JSON-RPC / WebSocket, REST, etc]
• Web Interfaces for Mobile Device Controllers
• Software Integration with Hardware Media Pipelines
• Developing and Interfacing with the Firmware on Multiple products

О проекте

Real-time digital audio and video product.
Must be comfortable working the full spectrum from embedded systems and mobile devices to desktop/laptop, and all the way to distributed Internet solutions.
Emphasis on Real-Time rendering including Hardware accelerated techniques for audio and video capture,
rendering, encoding and decoding.
This position relies on knowledge of the best practices for managing multi-media streaming in both a lossy
and non-lossy environments. Which will require the software to push the limits of the hardware that it is
residing to support 4K video formats.