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19 вересня 2022

Solution Architect

Харків, Краків (Польща), віддалено

Role Overview:

Solution Architects are holders of the company’s technological expertise and knowledge of developed and delivered software products and solutions. Solution Architect is focused on selling companies expertise in close collaboration with Sales and Marketing teams for prospective clients. Solution Architect translates client’s business requirements into technical solutions, produces software architecture design (SAD) and tech design documents, and makes sure that software engineers implement a solution according to a provided technical solution design. Can act as a technology and business domain expert for various purposes of the company. Solution Architect utilizes expertise and effort of Tech Experts and Business Analysts to perform his/her duties. Also, participates in HR brand marketing together with HR brand, HR and Recruiting teams. Solution Architect can provide tech consulting for the existing clients and help Service Delivery teams with designing complex solutions. To the avoidance of doubt, at this point of time at INSART Solution Architect role also includes the scope of Software Architect role.


Pre-sales / Sales

  • Participates in pre-sales calls with clients to help with selling the company’s tech expertise (present tech solutions and software architecture design, ask and answer tech-related questions, clarify business requirements, etc.).
  • Work out Software Architecture Design (SAD) and other tech design documents as a part of a proposal for a client.
  • Provisioning of technical consulting to customers (handling customers’ system audits, turnkey projects design/development, architecture design, prototyping, etc.)
  • Developer turnkey solutions, PoCs, etc.
  • Pro-active research of prospective clients, identify possible problems and prepare technical proposals in collaboration with Sales team in order to solve that problems and create Opportunities to collaborate with that client


  • Participates in Knowledge Sharings, Workshops, Architect Hours as a presenter or participant
  • Together with the Marketing team works out Expert Content (like How-to guides, etc.)
  • Contributes to build a strong INSART corporate brand as a technology company focused on development of Fintech and other complex software solutions and products


  • Performs tech interviews of candidates for new projects/teams
  • Sets and improves corporate standards of performing tech interviews

Service Delivery

  • Trial phase: acts as a temporary Tech Lead for a newly assembled team to ensure the success delivery of the scope of work and a whole project.
  • Long-term projects: can be assigned as a temporary Tech Lead / Tech expert for a specific project to solve specific tech problems, provide technology consulting and add value as a tech expert if some team lacks the required experience to solve client problems.
  • Project termination: extract knowledge about the project from software engineers. Documents all the relevant tech, product, project, architecture, design, source code, domain knowledge, etc. information about the project for further transition to the client and for the company’s knowledge base.
  • Upsales: get involved by Delivery/Project Managers to analyze current clients situation, identify problems that we can solve, create opportunities, prepare and present possible technical solutions in order to let company get additional business with specific clients

Technology & HR

  • Runs technology practices / competence center(-s):
    • Across technologies: Java, PHP, JS/frameworks, etc.
    • Across business domains: wealth management, payments, CRMs, etc.
  • Runs training programs — for Seniors, Middles
  • Runs and support Technology Community in the company
  • Find right technologies and provide vision related to Proof-of-concepts (PoCs)
  • Know and participate in coordination related to DevOps concepts and activities
  • Provide vision related to Security topics

Required skills:

  • Strong Soft Skills, including proactiveness, communication skills, critical thinking, etc.
  • Experience as a Senior Software Engineer / Lead Engineer / Lead Developer / Tech Lead or higher for at least 2 years
  • Proficient in at least one specific major tech stack (Java, PHP, C#/.NET, JS/React/Angular/Vue, Python, etc.)
  • Experience in designing software architecture using industry best practices (design patterns, UML or similar tools, etc.)
  • Learns new technologies and tech solutions to business problems
  • Understands, learns and deepens knowledge in relevant business domain areas
  • Develops him/herself as an expert in specific technological solutions to business problems (like payment systems integrations, financial APIs, performance optimization, CRMs, etc.)
  • Ability to ask the right questions while communicating with project stakeholders

We offer:

  • Work-life balance — the most important thing for us. We usually don’t have any overtime, but if yes — they are paid. In INSART we are committed to making work enjoyable first.
  • Education & self-development possibilities: regular free technology fin-tech events and workshops. If you are interested in investment and other fin-tech news, you are on the right path with us. English classes for more confident speaking at meetings. Corporate library with accumulated knowledge for everyone who loves to read and to learn something new.
  • Flexible working conditions — yes. You can have a fully comfortable work mode, just stick to deadlines and attend work meetings. Our engineers usually prefer to sleep up to 11am, but if you need to start your work earlier — we will figure something out. Maybe we’ll send them a morning rooster, why not?
  • Fully remote. Yes, we prefer to work from home, but if you need to escape from your annoying someone’s (pets, relatives, neighbors, etc.) to the lounge-office — just call us. We’ll share its address for you.
  • Friendly and professional team. Mature management. No time-trackers, only Jira timesheet filling once per month. Performance and salary evaluation process once per year depending on productivity results. Career growth opportunities inside the project and company also.
  • Medical insurance package. Fully health insurance package for you and your family as needed from our partners. Paid sick leave and 4 weeks of paid vacation from INSART as well.
  • Interview stages: usually it’s a short call with the recruiter, up to 20 min + tech interview with our team + optional final offer call (30 min). We always share the feedback, no matter what results it keeps.
  • Providing all the necessary staff that you need for a productive workday. You can work from your lovely laptop or you can ask us for the working one.