We’re all-remote (since 2016!) team of engineers helping entrepreneurs develop products under team extension / staff augmentation model. Our clients work with us for 2-4 years and call us “secret weapon” and “very reliable and trustworthy strategic partner”. It is our choice to be a proud small firm vs growth-obsessed compromised factory.
20 апреля 2021

Java engineer, small team with Scandinavians (Strong Mid / Senior)

удаленно $4000–5000

Необходимые навыки

Technologies / Skills needed
— Simple plain Java (no J2EE, no Spring etc)
— PostgeSQL
— Experience working with 3rd party APIs
— Ability to make decisions, propose ideas, make an impact


What do we offer?
— $4,000 — $5,000 /m, can be paid to FOP or Payoneer (if you want)
— Freedom to make decisions, suggest ideas and have an impact
— Remote, flexible schedule, no time tracking — trust is key
— 25 days of paid vacation, 5 days paid sick leaves
— All-team gatherings in Copenhagen, post-covid (expenses paid by client)
— Remote outstaffing model — hired by Innoteka, but work as one team with client

Hiring process
0/ Quick project intro for you
1/ Interview with Frederik (CEO) and Kasper (CTO)
2/ [Maybe] Project-related, $300-500 paid test assignment ($$ will be paid anyway, regardless of the results + you get an inside view into project)


What will you do?
— Build new features from idea to operation
— Develop public API
— Improve performance and scalability
— Add more 3-rd party integrations
— No legacy or bug fixing (except your own bugs)

О проекте

Project / Product
— Useful, one of its kind product in the World (no BS!) helping e-commerce companies optimize advertisement for profit vs for revenue (which is an 8-10yrs outdated approach and what everyone else is still doing).
— It integrates server-side to server-side (which is the next step in data collection), collects orders data from the servers of the listed ecommerce systems, then calculates the profit and sends the data back into the marketing platforms.

Your future team
— Nice, friendly Scandinavians, working remotely, you’ll meet together (after covid) in Copenhagen (all expenses for the trip and stay are of course paid).
— Frederik, CEO and Founder, previously run e-commerce shop himself, lives in Copenhagen
— Kasper, CTO and co-founder with about 20yrs work experience, lives near Copenhagen
— Andreas, Fullstack developer, been writing code since teenager, first as a hobby and then as work, lives in Sweden
— Andreas (yes, one more Andreas, it is Scandinavia:)), Frontend developer, 4yrs of experience, lives in Denmark

— 25 days of paid vacation :) 5 days paid sick leaves
— Remote, flexible schedule, no time tracking
— All-team gatherings in Copenhagen, post-covid (expenses paid by client)