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Innocode AS is a Norwegian company with a team of 70 open-minded and intelligent people

The most important information you should know about us is that we do innovation, strategy, and custom software development in partnership with our customers. We believe in the continuous learning, and in 2015 decided to utilise our competence in working with content to build our own product portfolio, targeted on the local media companies. More than 100 local newspapers in Norway are using Innocode products to deliver personalised and relevant local content to their readers. Our products are helping voluntary organisations to spread the word and get more visibility, improving internal communication processes in large organisations and in Sandefjord municipality we launched the SmartCity initiative, based on the Innocode Superlocal platform.
Innocode is always in the process of looking for opportunities to improve, for professionals and like-minded people to join our company.
You may think " Why 10 years old company has only 70 workers if it’s so awesome". The reason is that we like to stay relatively small by headcount, but at the same time make a global impact. It helps to avoid the growth-just-for-growth sake; to have the luxury of careful selection who we work with (both in regards of people we hire and also customers we work with); and the most important to build a long-lasting and deep relationship.