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14 мая 2019

Middle/Senior Python Developer #7675 (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— 3-5 years of professional software development experience with Python
— Hands-on experience with core python packages, like: asyncio, aiohttp, requests, Redis, flask, sqlalchemy, etc.
— Experience with HTML, JavaScript and CSS
— Open to and looking for innovative open source packages, know how to apply them to the challenges at work
— Experience with CI/CD pipelines and devops practices for Python developments, not only as a user but also as an administrator
— Being “Best practices”-minded: PEP8, automated deployment, unit testing, agile development practices, standard design patterns, able to write clear and readable technical documentation in English
— Good Linux user skills, since all developments are deployed on Linux servers
— Good relational database knowledge (Oracle, Postgresql): able to query existing DBs, extend existing data models when necessary
— Fluent in English, both spoken and written.


Examples of typical Python applications include:

— Collecting, parsing and enriching network data then transferring it to the BICS Business Intelligence team or loading it into various databases (e.g. Oracle, Postgresql) and building real-time dashboards or alarming frontends
— High-performance real-time distributed processing of network probing data feeds (30k+ records/sec) using packages like asyncio, Pypy and Redis
— Network monitoring-oriented database-driven applications using Django, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Oracle (e.g. for planned works management, capacity planning, resources reservation, etc)

These applications allow the BICS Operations people to work more efficiently by automating some of their tasks and giving them a better visibility on the network status.

О проекте

Infopulse welcomes talented professionals to join our project and to work as a Middle/Senior Python Developer for our respectful client BICS in our Kyiv office. We are looking for a talented professional to join a small team of Networking/IT experts responsible for the network monitoring layer of BICS.

A selected person will analyze, design, develop and maintain various frontend and backend Python applications that interact with the BICS telecom network or integrate existing commercial monitoring systems together.