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2 сентября 2019

C++ Developer for Next-Gen Automotive Infotainment Project #8160 (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Одесса

Необходимые навыки

Infopulse Ukraine welcomes talented professionals to join our project as a C++ Developer at our Odesa and Kyiv offices on a long-term global project — a state-of-the-art product for the automotive industry.

Areas of Responsibility

A successful specialist will cooperate with a large international team and will be responsible for one of the modules of the car head unit and other systems’ controller implementation (navigation, speech & voice recognition, connectivity & networking).


Must have experience:
Good knowledge of C++ low level concepts, such as memory manipulation
Design patterns (GoF)
*NIX experience
Unit test development

Must have at least good theoretical knowledge:
Asynchronous programming
State-machines concept
Memory management
Protocol stack concept
Application design patterns (MVC, MVVC, etc.)
Waterfall/V model development
Agile/SCRUM methodology
Testing approaches (black box, grey box, white box, etc.)
Defect lifecycle
Testing levels (unit, module, functional)

Good to have:
Automotive experience
Real-time OS and programming
TCP/IP, HTTP, other networking protocols programming experience
Embedded programming experience
Linux system, kernel development
UI development experience and integration of complex business logic with UI
Requirements analysis and design development experience.

To apply (in English only) please use the “Apply now” form below and provide your full career details as an attachment.

О проекте

Our customer is serving the major companies in the automotive industry on the European market. Their products are used by the largest car manufacturers in the world. Our product will be used by one of the biggest European automotive manufacturers and will be installed in millions of cars.

We bring technology, innovation and high quality standards to the next generation of an in-vehicle infotainment system enabling navigation, connectivity, cloud, advanced real-time information, entertainment and media functionality. You will join an international team of experts developing on a long-term project.