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«Инфопульс Украина» — крупнейшая ИТ-компания Украины, которая предоставляет сервисы для всего жизненного цикла ИТ-систем и услуги по поддержке телеком-инфраструктуры. Разноплановое сервис-портфолио и, соответственно, разнообразие проектов, позволяет нам не только стабильно расти, но и предоставлять обширные возможности для развития нашим сотрудникам.
30 октября 2020

System Analyst (ID: 9166)


Необходимые навыки

Complete higher education in technical fields (preferably, IT or Telecommunications)
Experience in the telecommunications sector in the field of business/system analysis, as well as experience of product and project development
Understanding of Ukrainian and international IT and Telecommunications market
Understanding of the main trends in the market of additional services/products in the field of telecommunications is an asset
Knowledge and the ability to apply the fundamentals, the procedure, and the principles of project/product management, project/product life cycle (preferably, according to PMI standards)
Knowledge of the characteristic features of the main protocols of information system interaction
Ability to create SQL-queries and use it
Experience in large organizations is desirable
High analytical skills, energy, perseverance, determination, stress tolerance, desire and ability to learn, ability to solve complex cross-functional problems
Proficiency in written and spoken Ukrainian and Russian languages
The skill of reading and writing technical texts, as well as letters in English


Analysis of internal customer requirements and suggesting optimal ways to implement them
Providing technical advice on the current functional capabilities at the request of other departments within their competencies
Formalization of requirements (grouping requirements into business, functional, and non-functional ones, as well as writing requirements specification)
Requirement management (processing requests for changes, analysis, and description of the impact on existing requirements)
Mediating requirements between developers and customers
Analysis of the system capabilities that are in productive operation regarding the options of making changes to these systems and assessing the impact of such changes on customer’s information environment
Setting technical tasks for developers or suppliers of systems based on the analysis and the selected architecture
Making changes and additions to functional specifications and technical specifications after changes in business requirements
Control over implementing, testing, and commissioning new software versions
Analysis of the technical capabilities of potential suppliers of services and equipment