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«Инфопульс Украина» — крупнейшая ИТ-компания Украины, которая предоставляет сервисы для всего жизненного цикла ИТ-систем и услуги по поддержке телеком-инфраструктуры. Разноплановое сервис-портфолио и, соответственно, разнообразие проектов, позволяет нам не только стабильно расти, но и предоставлять обширные возможности для развития нашим сотрудникам.
19 ноября 2019

Senior .NET Developer / Architect #8282 (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки


Our expectations include, but are not limited to:
• Solid knowledge of C#, .NET
• Experience with ASP.NET Core
• Experience with AKKA.Net is a plus
• Solid knowledge of MS SQL
• Experience with RabbitMQ or another message broker
• Experience with CouchDB is a plus
• Analytical thinking and methodical approach
• Experience with Agile methodology (preferably SCRUM)
• upper-intermediate level of written and spoken English



Communicate with Architects to discuss technical and technological principles, methodologies, procedures and specifications and to use them during the implementation
Implement business requirements to meet the defined criteria for system integration, feasibility, performance, and maintainability
Participate in refining the requirements, as well as in implementing, testing, and maintaining the product
Cooperate with each team towards achieving the company’s and client’s goals, ensuring that smooth and efficient service availability is maintained, improvements are coordinated, and that client’s requirements are incorporated into the products

The core responsibilities will include but are not limited to
• cooperate with analysts, architects, testers and other staff;
• producing clean, efficient code based on specifications;
• integrating software components and third-party programs;
• verifying and deploying programs and systems;
• troubleshooting, debugging, and upgrading existing software;
• recommending and executing improvements;
• maintaining the products and code base once they are up and running;
• creating technical documentation for reference and reporting;
• providing estimations for projects/RfCs;
• providing technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers;
• ensuring software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility etc.; and
• keeping abreast of technology trends and developments.

О проекте

Our Client is a self-grown company in Fintech, helping millions to access credit in countries all over the world.
The main solution is a platform for information exchange within the banking and non-banking sectors that provides organizations with the ability to store and distribute information and intelligence.

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