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Львов, Тернополь, Нью-Йорк (США)

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LinkUp Studio is a product-focused company that crafts smart digital products with eye-catching design and lightning-fast efficiency

Established in Lviv, one of the largest IT-hubs in Ukraine, LinkUp Studio has been performing great software development for 7+ years. As a part of company growth and technology stack enlargement, we opened the second office in Ternopil. Co-operating with LinkUp studio provides a dedicated team that goes beyond the scope and proposes new ideas to implement the product in the most perfect way with easy further changes.

Our team completes the project from scratch including all necessary steps, starting from Business Analysis and UI/UX Design, proceeding with Front-end and Back-end development, QA & Testing, and further launch and Support. Using only up-to-date technologies to develop the high-end product that meets all your requirements and brings targeted benefits to your users is one of our main principles as well as complete transparency.

The dedicated team is a key in our original organization system that allows customers to interact with developers closely and get the product of their dreams. We validate, suggest, consult, develop and innovate, becoming the partner to customers. And among our achievements — working with 19 countries and releasing 25 successful startups, would you like to join and change the reality together?

Company values which help to keep up a unique atmosphere inside our team:

  • Do what you like
  • Invest all your efforts into ready product
  • Be part of the project
  • Work with customer like with business partner
  • Support honest and transparent relationship
  • Appreciate proactivness and ideas flow
  • Encourage social responsibility