Influ2 is a Person-Based Advertising platform and a Forbes Ukraine Top-30 startup operating in the US market. Based on a unique machine learning algorithm, Influ2 technology helps B2B marketers track impressions, clicks, and website visits person-by-person in real-time.
20 вересня 2022

Go Developer (вакансія неактивна)


Influ2 is a top-30 Forbes startup, an emerging leader in the ABM industry operating in the US market. Our product has multiple exciting aspects from the development standpoint. We work closely with the APIs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo — some of them offer limited access, so there are very few companies in the world where you could gain this experience. We’ve developed a very sophisticated advertising targeting technology on top of the basic advertising platforms’ capabilities involving advanced probabilistic models, simulation and scoring modules — something you won’t see often in traditional B2B software. To further boost our product performance, we integrate with data providers, parsers and searching systems. It is necessary to monitor rate limits, adapt to bot filters to take full advantage of our targeting algorithms. Of course, this is not all! As we don’t like writing long texts, let’s catch up! If this role is for you, send us your CV. We have simple three step process that takes one week or so: quick and nice chat with Lilya, our Talent Acquisition Manager; interesting technical interview with Ilya, your future Team Lead, very good and smart guy and informal meeting with Dima, Influ2’s CEO and Co-founder, rock star and music lover.


  • Develop complex distributed services using Go
  • Develop integrations with third-party services and data-providers
  • Implement optimization and stochastic algorithms
  • Refactor existing modules


  • 3+ years experience with Go
  • Experience with SOA/microservices
  • Experience with REST API
  • Experience with RDBMS MySQL or any fork. Ability to write complex SQL queries
  • Solid understanding of back-end technology stack, including networking stack
  • Experience with Git

Nice to have:

  • Experience with message queues (RabbitMQ, Google Pub/Sub, Amazon SQS)
  • Experience with gRPC
  • Experience with NoSQL (MongoDB, Clickhouse)

About our project:

With Influ2, every user’s engagement is identified. Having this information helps B2B marketers develop more thoughtful and engaging campaigns that result in a 4-7x increase in leads. Influ2 platform allows users to build an audience, upload personalized messages & visuals, and monitor all the interactions on both account and individual levels. The behavioral scoring model identifies leads before they submit a lead form. Influ2 includes a person tracker, so marketers can see everyone who has interacted with their campaign by name, company, and other related data. The solution is compatible with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Creatio, Outreach, ActiveCampaign, and many other CRM and marketing automation platforms.