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Киев, Днепр

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О компании

InCrypto is an IT company engaged in development as well as analytics in the field of blockchain technology.

Our main value and pride is our team. It consists of professionals united by a common idea and interests, who possess a high level of expertise in their field. They love their work and are always ready to help each other.

We believe that a company can only be successful when each and every of its employees strives for professional and personal growth. So we encourage freedom of thought and creativity of our people, and are open to new ideas and visions generated by them.

Our team is constantly expanding. At the moment, we already have offices in Kyiv and Dnipro.

Now InCrypto is engaged with the super innovative GEO Protocol project.

GEO is a distributed decentralized P2P network suitable for easy and affordable transfer of any type of assets and value. GEO makes exchange of value as simple as chatting online!

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