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Incora genuinely encourages you to voice your aspirations and actively supports you in achieving them. With their social package and management approach, it’s a perfect choice for those who want to learn more. If you’re in search of a company that empowers you to grow in ways you specifically desire, I wholeheartedly recommend Incora.

Incora is innovative tech company with great career prospects. You will be heard and supported by the team. Also, you will always learn something new (trust me tech is super dynamic). Team buildings and events are meaningful and fun. Recommend as employer.

As a bonus, it’s pet friendly 🐕

Incora is my first company and I am happy that my career started here. It is a wonderful company where you can grow fast as a professional. Incora is very perspective and I am sure it has a great future. During the time I worked there, it grew a lot, not only with the workers count, but also with the level of projects, management and the quality of the work it provides. The highest management cares about interests of their workers. The team is very friendly and always ready to support everyone. Incora regularly provides internship programs for students from different countries, so there is an ability to learn something new about foreign cultures, improve your English and make international friends. Summing up it was a great experience for me being a part of Incora.

Great place to improve your skills and to get new ones. Open and friendly team, cosy atmosphere, ability to ask everyone any question, constant support, chances to be promoted and to try new tasks, corporate culture — that’s what makes Incora just perfect place for me. Hugely glad that one day I came across this vacancy.

Incora is a place where you can feel comfortable in all meanings of this word. My friendly teammates help to grow every day. Moreover, we have a cozy office in the heart of Lviv with all necessary equipment needed for work and even more. Since the time I started working here I always strive to improve my skills and learn something new to become a better professional.

Incora is an awesome place for professional and personal growth. The company has unique cozy atmosphere and unites amazing professionals who are passionate about their work. I really enjoy working here because there are numerous challenging tasks waiting for me every day. What I value the most is team mates’ support and trust. Everybody here is eager to share own experience, willing to help and generate ideas together.

Very friendly people and atmosphere. If you don’t know something — everyone will support you. There is no border between trainee developer and company CEO. Each one accept you the way you are.

It’s my company, and I’m happy to be part of it. There are nice people and I have no feeling, that I must go to the job and I don’t wanna do that, instead I go to my job with the smile on my face.

I share values of this company — honesty, attention to each detail and fun and easy atmosphere in office. Only when you go for a work inspired and full of ideas, it’s possible to move forward!
Thanks, Incora, for opportunities to improve myself and become better professional each day.

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