Імпулсіс — це успішна львівська ІТ-компанія з багаторічним досвідом у сфері розробки веб-технологій. У нас добре організований, талановитий і творчий колектив професіоналів, які захоплені своєю справою та постійно розширюють можливості створених програмних продуктів, оскільки за плечима у нас більш як 10 років досвіду!
19 апреля 2021

Middle/Senior React Developer

Львов, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

Our company is looking for a new teammate for a Senior React Developer position. If you love R&D and are open to developing new features with clear code and deep-dive into the technology — join us.

— At least 3+ years in FE React development (redux);
— Strong HTML5 and CSS3 skills (LESS, SCSS)
— Strong programming skills of JavaScript & TypeScript;
— Experience with unit tests;
— Solid work experience with Git;
— Good experience in REST API and GraphQL;
— Basic knowledge in backend operation (Node.js, databases, pub/sub messaging);
— At least intermediate level of English for communication inside the international team;

Будет плюсом

A plus would be:
— Working knowledge of Vue.js (Vuex, Vue-router, TypeScript, Vuetify);
— Experience with other JavaScript-based frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, You name it);
— Previous experience with Twitch extensions, Twitch developer;


We offer:
— An exciting chance to work in the “booming” industry with challenging projects;
— A modern office with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (if you need a place for better productivity) ;
— Great opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth;
— A competitive salary and project-based bonuses;
— 18 business days (or 24 calendar days) of paid vacation per year;
— 10 business days paid sickness;
— Company doctors;


— Close work with a team of front-end and back-end developers;
— Conducting code reviews;
— Mentoring of middle and junior level engineers as they join the growing team;
— Daily work with new features and product APIs;
— Implementing high-quality UI according to provided designs;
— Integration with an existing third-party system (OAuth, GraphQL);
— Creating and maintaining technical documentation;
— Communicate with stakeholders and other developers in the international team;

О проекте

About the project
AimLab is an innovative platform with a combination of cutting-edge tracking technologies and analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning for gamers of all levels: from casual players to e-sportsmen. It was designed to help gamers to determine their strengths and weaknesses and adapt the system accordingly to optimize training gains.
Currently, the platform is used by over 8 million players around the globe. We are also the official training partner of several biggest e-sports games.
Our project aim is to create a new type of interactive experience using modern web technologies such as Next.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL and others.
Our extension will be integrated with different gaming platforms like Steam and PlayFab, data science and analytics (Snowflake and Databricks), and will work with live streaming services (like Twitch and Youtube).
To create a scalable experience for millions of potential users we are going to use a combination of cutting-edge, multi-service API calls for both fluid and dynamic interfaces.
We will integrate our platform with significant live video-gaming streams, working profoundly with streaming APIs to provide a unique experience for the streamers’ community and to allow our users to gain influence in the community and form a stronger bond with its members.
We are looking for agile and forward-thinking people who are eager to bring this product to life.

Look up please the project on the Steam — store.steampowered.com/app/714010/Aim_Lab
How AimLAb helps players — www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ebk4TIuU0