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10 липня 2024

Middle Python/ML Engineer


Impressit is looking for a Middle Python Engineer with ML knowledge to join our team. You will be working on developing an AI agent that provides exceptional customer support by utilizing text, audio, and video models to analyze user emails and respond effectively.

What do we expect?
— Proficiency in Python programming language.
— Strong understanding of AWS services, including Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, EventBridge, and SQS.
— Experience in designing and developing RESTful APIs.
— Experience in developing and fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs) or Computer Vision (CV) models.
— Experience with Langchain, LangGraph, Pinecone, and OpenAI API.
— Familiarity with prompt engineering techniques.
— Upper-intermediate or higher level of English.

What will you do?
— Develop and maintain an AI agent capable of providing customer support through text, audio, and video analysis.
— Implement and manage cloud-based solutions using AWS Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, EventBridge, and SQS.
— Design and develop RESTful APIs to facilitate communication between different system components.
— Utilize and fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) and Computer Vision (CV) models to improve customer interaction and support quality.
— Integrate and manage various components of the tech stack, including Python, Langchain, LangGraph, Pinecone, and OpenAI API.
— Engage in prompt engineering to ensure high-quality and contextually relevant AI responses.
— Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
— Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

What about our benefits?

— Generous vacation time: 24 days per year;
— Professional education and training budget;
— Full tax compensation;
— WOW team-building events;
— Office in the Lviv city center;
— Paid sick leaves;

We are waiting for you to join our WOW team!