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Imonomy is the leading In-Image platform with a mission to generate real and lasting value from every image across the web. In short, images are in our DNA.

Our intelligent platform boosts engagements and monetizes web & mobile sites, providing an incremental revenue stream for publishers and an excellent ad experience for users.

How do we do it? Our technology dynamically displays viewable and relevant ads on the most engaging parts of any website, the images.

How does our technology work? Our proprietary algorithm ensures relevant and engaging ads by leveraging contextual semantic analysis and Big Data analytics. Further, we dynamically optimize the value of every impression using header bidding and RTB. Finally, our dynamic viewability optimization automatically relocates ads to the images with the highest viewability on each webpage.

How are we different? We think big picture. We pay attention to each player in the online ecosystem: Publishers achieve optimal CPMs, advertisers gain higher viewability & engagement, and consumers enjoy positive ad experiences.

Founded in 2012, we work with over 13,000 publishers, monetizing over 800 Million images across the web. Headquartered and founded in Tel Aviv, we now have offices in Paris, Berlin and Odessa.

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