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iLogos Game Studios

81...200 специалистов
Киев, Харьков

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О компании

iLogos Game Studios is a smart solutions provider for game companies. We solve challenges in game production and co-production as a full-cycle company, able to support all the stages of game production — from game design to art, development and live ops.

If creating the highest quality mobile games for the world’s largest game companies sounds like something you would like to pursue, we are the company for you!

1+ billion installs of games developed in cooperation with iLogos
We are proud to contribute to projects enjoyed by players from all over the world.
We are ready to make you part of this so you could feel that sense of involvement and pride in the overall collective result too.

14+ years of experience in game development and the unique expertise available to each of our team members
We are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and we generously invest in the professional development of our employees sending them to the best conferences around the world.

400+ successful games and game projects in our portfolio
A wide variety of various game projects means you won’t get bored by working on the same project during the best years of your life.

100+ happy clients, all successful companies, ready to recommend the iLogos team including Rovio, Wooga, Playrix, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and many others.

You’ll get a unique chance to work with the best of the best, personally communicate with the geniuses of game development in our office and have business trips to visit the most well-known game companies in the world.

Top-notch professionals who love to create games with “heart and soul” are iLogos’ most important asset.
In our team you can always count on friendly and professional support as well as on continuous professional growth.

We strive to work with as many talented people as possible. People who passionately love what they do and want the results of their work to be acknowledged and recognized by the entire world.

Since the very first day of its foundation, iLogos has perceived each partner’s product as its own. That’s why only a product approach is encouraged within our teams.
We also invest in our own R&D related to internal game products and advanced AI solutions for games.

We are committed to the Agile approach to achieve the best results
The main success factor is that our processes are built on the principles of Agile, aimed at establishing the distributed teams and achieving results. iLogos is not limited to one office, city or country. You can work remotely, in one of our offices, or combine office and remote work.

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Оценка компании: 95/100

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