21...80 спеціалістів

iDeus — means People First. We have a 50+ professionals team, which takes care of our client’s projects and develops own stuff for more than 15 years.

We do long-term relationships with our clients, and most of our clients are working with us for years. We don’t take Upwork projects :)

We move forward all over the time — take the very next _fancy framework_ (name yourself) and plug it into the new project to see how it goes. And maybe into the old projects too. (Sarcasm)

We treat some of our client’s projects as our own so we do product development too. In 90% of cases, we can affect the features, and architecture of the products we do. This means that customers do listen to what we say, after all, they are coming for our expertise.

The main directions of our services:

— Complicated and not obvious administration systems for the databases: medical, legal, financial (PHP, Python, React, Vue)
— Mobile apps for IOS / Android (React Native)
— Great corporate websites, including some outstanding functionalities based on Wordpress

Why you could like us:

— We’re small, but not very small :) This means we have some processes in development and in management in place, but we’re very flexible and communicative for any stuff that comes in from our team. See something which needs to be tweaked? Just tell
— We have a very neat and nice office in Kharkiv downtown. While the office is still working now as and a backup for our crew, not the best place to work (until we’ll kick the orcs out of our country, of course!)
— Flexible work time
— Very friendly team

Don’t see a matching job opportunity posted at DOU but want to send us your resume? Just do that to [email protected] !